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Mothership – High Strangeness (Ripple Music)

Mothership on Selective Memory

Mothership releases psych rock freak out with High Strangeness on Ripple Music

The original pscyh rock era was not just a means of interpreting the drug culture through a fogged-out music scene. But it was also a means of escapism from all the shit that was going on at the time. The Vietnam War. Race issues. Gender issues. That’s just scratching the border. However, the music during this time was an outlet as much as Mothership’s latest album High Strangeness on Ripple Music is an outlet.

Not so much a reflection on current times, High Strangeness is like a time capsule that gives us more of a reason to understand that golden era of psych music.

If you think about it in those terms, the album is an impressive homage to a strange era in human history. Correlate that to the strange era in human history we are experiencing today, then there is your connection.

You hear a song like “Helter Skelter” and you immediately trasncend into this historical aura of Manson like a wolf on the prowl. “Helter Skelter! I’m on the hunt for more.” The guitar jam that goes along with the motive is cool as hell. I will be rocking that rhythm in my head long after the song is done.

“Midnight Express” takes a trip through the cosmos with guitar riffs that are heavy and a song that explores the realm of reality. It’s a meaty rock song that blends in classic heavy metal into a psych structure. You feel like Metallica was influenced by this song when it was probably the later.

And then you hear a song like “Wise Man” and you feel drenched in sweat, reeking of pot smoke. Bloodshot eyes and eardrums ringing with acid-tinged guitar solos. It’s everything you want in a hard rock song.

Andrew Duncan
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