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American Bombshell Celebrates Vinyl Release at Radio Radio

American Bombshell Will Celebrate their Vinyl Release with a Rock and Roll Showcase with DJ Wrathchild at Radio Radio, Saturday, March 25

This is a cause for a celebration!

American Bombshell on Selective Memory

Sure No Regrets by Indianapolis’ American Bombshell has been out for roughly a year now. However, it’s an album that still makes quite the stir. And to celebrate that momentum, the band is hosting a vinyl release party at Radio Radio in correlation with Dahlia Presents. It’s not just for the vinyl No Regrets, but also their vinyl single, “My Drug.”

Back in March of 2016, it was the hard rock atom bomb that caused shockwaves across the local landscape, mixing and matching with fellow local and national bands for show after show of nonstop rock splendor. The raw primal aggression. The emotional accolade that stems from their musical artistry to the receptiveness of the fans. These are the things that make going to an American Bombshell show a powerful experience.

“Out of all the bands that we have been in, American Bombshell has the most dedicated fans,” said bassist, Dustin Green. “We want to make sure we take every opportunity to create that close connection with the fans.”

It’s that connection that spawned this rock ‘n’ roll showcase. And it’s that momentum that helped propel the band (comprised of Green, vocalist Jay Cee, guitarist Andrew Nixon and Steve Boyles and drummer Jason Carr) to win the 2016 Grammy Amplifier and gave them some time to work with illustrious producer Mike Clink. Clink notably produced Guns ‘n’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction and co-produced Megadeth’s Rust In Peace, among many other projects.

Inside The Session: American Bombshell

“[Clink] pushed us to be the best we can be,” said Jay Cee. “It was a pretty daunting task. Over the three days, it was 11 hours a day in the studio and having Clink analyzing your every move. Not that he cut us down, but he was there to rebuild us and create new habits to take away.”

What resulted was the single, “My Drug,” a push in refinement of the Bombshell sound and an exploration beyond the wall of power rock that dominates No Regrets. Don’t worry, there is still a lot of action in this song, but it is one of their more expressive songs.

The band took what they learned and returned to Indiana, landing themselves back in the studio. This time they chose the Pop Machine. Could they replicate and improve on what they learned back in L.A.?

“It has made writing songs a hell of a lot harder because we are more critical about them,” said Nixon. “We had taken a step back to look out our work objectively from the mind of an outside perspective. Clink helped us improve flow and content.”

That is what they hoped to accomplish with “Saving Me.”

American Bombshell – Saving Me

This time they worked with the Johnson Brothers. According to Boyles, it took some adjustments to hit that sweet spot and get accustomed to a new studio. The group did what they do best—work hard.

“When we went in, I don’t think [the Johnson brothers] knew what we were really about until things got rolling and in the end, the song came out really good,” commented Boyles.

Things worked out so well that they plan to return to the Pop Machine to record the follow-up to No Regrets.

American Bombshell – No Regrets

For now, keep an eye on their socials for some upcoming shows (listed below), potentially a new American Bombshell video, and a short summer tour in the planning stage. Of course, with this band, you can always expect pleasant surprises.

Upcoming American Bombshell Shows

April 1
Big Shots Pub · Muncie
April 21
5th Quarter Lounge · Indianapolis
April 28
5th Quarter Lounge · Indianapolis
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