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North Atlantic Drift – Dream Sequence

North Atlantic Drift release video for “Dream Sequence,” a part of new release Departures Vol. 1

“We like to joke that we make sounds like a tortured orchestra,” exclaims the duo from North Atlantic Drift. It’s funny you say that because the video for “Dream Sequence” revolves around just that.

Hues of tonal hums and swells of ambient emotion engulf the listener on this journey into stripped-down aesthetics. The band leaves the interpretation up to the listener. But if I had to lay claim to some causality of this visual experience, it plays out like Plato’s conception of “The Cave.”

Here the musicians are blindfolded, feverishly working to perfect their craft. Perhaps, it’s all they know. But as the light comes in and the blindfolds are removed, they come to a realization. In fact, this video could not be more perfect than for Plato ideology. Does that light represent truth? Does it coincide with being? Whose to say, but it does make for great discussion.

Their new album, Departures Vol. 1 is out now via Polar Seas Recordings.

North Atlantic Drift on Selective Memory

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