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Second Still – You Two So Alike

Second Still releases video for “You Two So Alike” and self titled album now out on Manic Depression Records

I used to like to creep around the city, hiding under buildings stretching to the stars. The dark cloak that came from the night was full of mystery like a Capote novel in a metropolitan film noir.  Second Still’s song “You Two So Alike” sums up the ambiance I once felt as a teen searching for the razor sharp edginess in post punk.

The song stems from their self-titled debut release, now out on Manic Depression Records.

“You Two So Alike” pulls in inspiration from the End of Life Clinic in the Netherlands where Britany Maynard decided to commit suicide after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Sounds rather depressing? For the band, it builds intrigue through pungent expression.

The song is edgy with amplified adrenaline through it’s strange prowess. It removes the idea of class and cuts into the quick of human sacrifice where we can all relate through contemplation. Notes burn through stimulation as the group asks as an entity of a brooding power play. Watch this video and it’s like you saw a ghost. Maybe you have.

Second Still on Selective Memory

Andrew Duncan
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