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Bochum Welt – April (!K7)

Bochum Welt on Selective Memory

Bochum Welt looks back at his earlier work to re-imagine his own music in April

Since 1994, Gianluigi Di Costanzo, aka Bochum Welt has been staring down the Italian electronic music landscape with stark imagery of gorgeous ambient frameworks and picturesque soundtracks that glow like a mood ring.

With April, he collects and re-edits a collection of his older material. Sometimes he re-develops the sounds of his own work while other times contemplates on the philosophy of his own compositions. It’s Bochum Welt analyzing the familiar and building something unexpected.

Taking vintage gear and mangling the outcome to create a new dimension is a practice for Costanzo. “Gauloise Scented” is one of the more beat heavy songs, dancing around in a bouncy romp that wafts like the stark white cigarette smoke that emits from a Gauloise.

“Crescent Heights” prowls with a low-register beat and synth frequencies that create perspective through indie angularity.

But as much as Di Constanzo can paint a picture of the night, he can produce layers through processed worlds and waves of electronic bliss. As “Laurel Canyon” sheds light through synthesized geometry, “Family Computer Robot” builds tension through technology. It sounds like an orgy of “0’s” and “1’s” building a beautiful chaos.

“Azure” ends the album by giving us something completely new. Synths swell like waves and leaves us through contemplation, an electronic meditation that explores depth in a very short timeframe.

The album is due out for Record Store Day in Europe. For the rest of us, we see an April 22 release.

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