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Drew McDowall – Unnatural Channel (Part 2)

Drew McDowall (Coil/Psychic TV) releases solo follow-up on Dais Records

We owe so much to Drew McDowall. His work as an electronic artist is unparalleled. His legacy  stems from his brilliant mind hiding in the shadow of what shaped the sounds of Coil and Psychic TV. His work with Psychic Ills’ Tres Warren to form Compound Eye continued the constant curiosity McDowell has had in electronic sound manipulation.

In 2015, he broke out of the darkness and decided to start a solo career, releasing Collapse. Now, he returns for the follow up. Unnatural Channel will be released May 27 on Dias Records. On this album, McDowall looks to the past to push forward into the future. Some of the songs floats like an ambient anxiety attack while others reconstitute the wavelengths of a dream-state. Is this just an illusion or are we all too familiar with the acid tongue tinge that comes from the taste of his processed prowess.

Drew McDowell on Selective Memory

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