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Seven Day Sleep – Red Lipstick Murders

Seven Day Sleep has you under their spell with video for Red Lipstick Murders

It’s time for some good ol’ fashion black magic. That seems to be the premise behind the song “Red Lipstick Murders” by Seven Day Sleep. A modern homage to the ’70s Hammer-esque Victorian era horror vibe, revenge is certainly in order and a necessary conclusion.

Drawing stylistic parallels with Marilyn Manson to In this Moment, Seven Day Sleep spans roots in Turkey, Switzerland, and the United States. All of this has helped solidify their individualism. It is the true means to what “Red Lipstick Murders” is about. But all of this cannot exist without a creepy horror factor with a fairy tale influence.

The band will release the EP, A Home For Disgusting Fairies, June 2.

Seven Day Sleep on Selective Memory


Andrew Duncan
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