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Neptune Blue – Walk Away

Neptune Blue churns out one incredible rock song that sonically delivers

Neptune Blue rocks hard with “Walk Away.” It’s a great introduction to their upcoming album New Horizons, due out later this year.

The highlight of this song is knowing the band worked with Ronald Prent. He is responsible for producing/mixing works by David Bowie, Def Leppard, Rammstein, Simple Minds, Queensrÿche, Van Halen and so many more.

If listening to this song is any indication to Prent’s diligence to Neptune Blue’s sound, it’s the knowledge the band gained from this experience. The song is everything rock and roll should be about. Stylystically, their postering is brash. The attitude is bold. It’s a mature sound based on the details in emotion and technicality. Iconic may be a better descriptive, but I feel this is only a catalyst for more impressive work ahead of them. Therefore, I will save that term until a later date.

Neptune Blue

Andrew Duncan
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