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Blondie Releases Video for new single Long Time

Blondie’s Long Time is a Testament to her 11th Studio Album, out May 5

Cultural icon, Blondie returns with the video to her latest single “Long Time.” Her new album,¬†Pollinator, is out May 5 (BMG).

Pre-order the album here

750 copies of the seven inch will be released as a Record Store Day exclusive in the US. It will include a non-LP cut of “The Breaks,” and a brand new track written by Chris Stein and Debbie Harry.

“Long Time” blends time and space as Harry and the members of the band make a visual and aural testament to New York City and the streets they can call their own. The song is also a bridge between their past and the present. Their music proves the continued vitality of the band four decades in the¬†strong. And when it all comes together, it may be the best thing Blondie has done in a while.

Pollinator is an album about re-discovery and not about a band trying to prove their vitality. Blondie has been vital from the start. Voyages are about change. Our culture has changed since the late ’70s when Blondie was strutting around CBGBs. Voyages are also about how we change as we discover. This song does exactly that without losing perspective.

If there is one Blondie song that sums up what Blondie is all about, it is this one.

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