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Marty Casey – The Ground You Walk On (Independent)

Marty Casey on Selective Memory

Marty Casey struts his stuff with new solo album

It’s that voice! The voice where it only takes a few seconds to hone in on its magnificence. That moment when you put on that song and know it will meet all of your expectations. It’s the voice of Marty Casey. The Chicago frontman for the Lovehammers is unleashes his solo release The Ground You Walk On.

In 2006, Casey was asked to join “Rock Star: INXS.” His performances on the show gave him international success. When he performed “Trees,” it became an instant hit and led him and the Lovehammers a deal through Epic Records and an opening spot on the INXS Switched On tour.

What he gained from the INXS TV show was a way to begin working on making a debut solo album a reality. He met producer Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi) and they began crafting songs together, This included “Anything You Want,” written with Frederiksen and INXS’ Andrew Farriss.

“Anything You Want” has a clear and present INXS vibe from the jumpiness of the rhythms, amplified by Casey’s charisma. Despite the plastiche of the pop construct, this song is fun and full of vibrancy.

But this is not the precedence of the album. Rock and roll splendor is not a well worn path in Casey’s world and he creatively exploits it on this album. There is a fair amount of charming variety to be embellished. Casey gets transcendental deep on “Broken.” “Brand New Fire” is a slow burner that feels deeply sentimental. Casey charges his music up with the firecracker “Stuck On You.” He does wonders to a classic American rock sound that is simply powerful.

The Ground You Walk On packs a punch. At 14 songs, there is a lot to take in. Casey manages to keep the flow and energy alive throughout. And it all blends together to create a powerful identity for a man destined to be a star.

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