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The Revolution Re-Unite for One of a Kind Tour

The Revolution on Selective Memory

The Revolution will bring their legendary time capsule of songs to The Vogue May 14

It is hard to believe that over a year has passed since Prince passed away. But equally so, it is hard to believe 31 years have passed since The Revolution broke up.

Synonymous with the ‘80s were iconic relics like Purple Rain, Under the Cherry Moon, and Around the World In A Day that The Revolution were involved with. I never had the opportunity to see Prince and the Revolution live. But like anyone who grew up in the ‘80s, their presence was felt both conscious and subconscious, be it on the radio, on a poster, in a magazine, on MTV, or through other music influenced by Prince and the Revolution.

They became a part of the psyche of the culture. I wanted that chance to experience this band live as much as I wished to be a part of the crowd dancing to Zapp and Roger or feeling the funk of the JBs “Doing It to Death.” The later two, we will never have that chance. But for The Revolution a chance of a lifetime comes to The Vogue May 14.

The Revolution on Selective Memory

Even though The Revolution was in essence a backing band, their ethics and talent put them equally at the forefront. Prince intertwined everyone together as a tight-knit group carefully constructed to perform like a glorious phenomena. They existed like a grandiose myth—Greek gods and goddesses coming down from the heavens to give us the definition of euphoria. Much like Frank Zappa did with his Mothers of Invention, I want to think that practice in this capacity was rigorous. Timing had to be perfect with communication reaching ESP levels. And a need to go from rock to funk to R&B to jazz and any combination thereof had to be flawless. Only certain musicians could pull off Prince’s expectation.

Rare 1986 Prince Performance at The Wyoming Holiday Inn For “Under the Cherry Moon” Premiere Party!!

Those musicians are Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman, Bobby Z, BrownMark and Dr. Fink. Re-united the group has hit the road this year to mass fanfare and a glorious homage to Prince that it has become a party that will stretch into infinity. The YouTube videos and Facebook Live events of the band’s performance have electrified the Internet world and given us a much-needed cause for celebration.

The Revolution – Computer Blue/America

Although involved with many projects throughout the years, the music of Prince and the Revolution was a life changer for these musicians. It shaped them unlike anything else and the experience was beyond special. This tour is an homage to that emotion and to Prince’s legacy. And I cannot think of anyone better to present the beauty and vitality of his sound like The Revolution. I just hope The Vogue is prepared for it to get red hot. The set list is exactly what you would expect it to be. The classics will be exposed. And for the sake of the dance floor I expect no one to be standing still.

This tour is for Prince. It’s for the band. And it’s for us.

The Revolution on Selective Memory


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