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Irontom Defines The Future of Alternative Rock

Irontom partners with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, May 18

Irontom on Selective Memory

Irontom’s Zack Irons is hanging out somewhere in the confines of the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh. Occasionally, he pauses from our phone conversation to address someone walking by. Every time he gets back to our interview he politely apologizes. It’s the calm before the storm as he is mentally preparing for a show of this caliber.

“I’m trying to think too much about it,” Irons confesses.

The band recently arrived at the PPG Paints Arena for the first stop in an impressive arena tour, opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The tour will make a stop at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on May 18.

For them, this is massive. Irontom did a tour of AWOLNATION last year but these set of dates with the Peppers is next level. They have a powerful arsenal of music, including a new album, to give to current and new fans.

“We are stoked to just be at it. The Red Hot Chili Peppers is certainly one of our biggest influences. It’s great to have the opportunity to be on this tour.”

Irontom – Ministra

The more popular connection between Irontom and the Chili Peppers is the Irons name. Zach’s father Jack was the original drummer of the Chili Peppers. But more importantly it was Zach’s father who brought Zach and lead vocalist Harry Hayes together. Zach recalls the story and origination of the band.

“Harry and I were both teenagers in a high school talent show. We weren’t friends at the time although we knew of each other. He was a senior, and I was a freshmen. That’s like someone in their 60s and someone in their 20s for high school standards.

“My dad actually came to the talent show. I was playing drums at the time. He asked if I knew Harry and suggested that I should jam with him. I thought him, a senior, no chance!

“One day I came home and my dad said remember that guy Harry that I was talking about? I looked up his number, I called him, he’s coming over to jam with us. Woah! Okay, it’s on. He came over and we instantly hit it off. We started writing songs and recording together. In the meantime I started forming a bond with the other guys (Dyl Williams, drums, Daniel Saslow, keys, and Dane Sandberg, bass) in the group. We just started jamming. We did a lot of straight up improv. I had a rule where I did not want to write anything and just wanted to get into a room to let it unfold. I did not want to think or talk about it. We just allowed the music to be free and for us to be naturally and spontaneously together.”

The band has taken that free-spirited philosophy and carried it through into the development of their first two EPS The Loose and The Nitro. With their latest full length, Partners, they worked with AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno to take things to the next level.

Irontom – Partners Album Cover

“He brought out things inside every single one of us that needed to be brought out that may have been stuck inside or hard to get out of. He broke down barriers and really did things to help the band not only musically but emotionally too. We are not really a passive aggressive group at all. We have always laid our ideas out on the table. But I did not realize there was more we could do and Bruno brought it out of us.”

Irontom – Be Bold Like Elijah (Live from JITV HQ in Los Angeles)

Partners is an album that exemplifies the versatility of this band. The energy and emotion that is explosive in a unique and artistic way, but never over eclectic in their motive. With their latest single, “Be Bold Like Elijah,” there is a spunkiness from a reaction of classic rock melding with progressive power that creates an energy that is vibrant.

“We always try to blend and meld the genres. If it’s not worth doing for us, then it’s not fair to deliver it to the world. If we don’t think it should exist it should not come from us. We want to be a rock band and have some elements of old school rock, but at the same time we want to forge forward into the future of rock and alternative music.”

What the band ends up with is collective individualism through spontaneous order. Quirky on the surface, plan to get taken to school as these guys can write great songs that stick with you. The live show takes that energy to a new dimension.

“We are going to do what we do no matter what. That has been one big strength of our band. Through all the good and bad and everything life throws at you, but consistency and perseverance, we try to be as strong as possible.”

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