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Lea Porcelain – Remember

Lea Porcelain on Selective Memory

Lea Porcelain blends minimalism and jazz-like timing with ambient hues on “Remember”

I cannot help but loathe Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” for its sheer placeholder in the ‘80s. That and principle. Leveraged as a milemarker for an era, the song leads you into this transcendental vacuum through a sluggish rhythmic framework. The drunken pulse is probably floating in your head right now. However, the alternate reality contained within this song askews the pop spectrum and leaves us longing for a fleeting moment. I am guessing it re-occurs every time this song comes on. We stand there longing for something, if we knew what that something was.

My first Jesus and Mary Chain album I bought with hard-earned cash was Darklands. When someone mentions that album or I catch a glimpse of it in my record collection, the title track immediately comes to mind. The soft purr drowned out by drizzle falling from the window of ’80s melancholy. Their guitarwork is as delicate as it can be without disintegrating. It’s ethereal qualities and minimal functionality serves as temporal thought.

Somewhere in the purgatory of the former and the latter lies Lea Porcelain’s “Remember.” The song blends minimalistic jazz-like timing with subtle layers of ambient hues. I cannot say the song is as stark as Berlin’s timelash or Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Darklands”. But the song feels equally ethereal. It is an attempt to experience some kind of out of body experience.

Lea Porcelain – Remember Video

Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus creates rifts in time where the concept gets thrown out the window. You lie stuck in a moment. Yet, it’s beautiful and haunting, a real course of sleepy-eyed alternative swirl that takes psychedelic theory and then removes everything purely psychedelic about it. The video gives us a wide-open landscape to perspectively guide us out of our cerebral cortex.

A song out of the upcoming Hymns to the Night, out June 16, it is a song that fuels the daydreamers in us or the subconscious connectivity of device. “Remember” will be the song we reach out to.

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