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The Den of Carnal Pleasures in the Black Capes’ Debut

.The Black Capes on Selective Memory

The Black Capes – All These Monsters (Dark Tunes)

There is that primal urge that lies within all of us. We get this feeling when the full moon is out. In the heat of the night when that next drink was one too many, the claws come out. All that is left is to prowl through the darkness of the witching hour.

Somewhere between the excess of the night with its goth-heavy pantheon and a deep reverie of the guitar heavy metal muscle lies a new force to be reckoned with. The Black Capes come to us with fresh perspective in not so fresh blood (members stem from the bands Potergeist, Inactive Messiah and Human Base). I won’t say that they are here to resurrect the glory of goth rock, but they do well in the dark arts.

is an amazing testament into making one of the heaviest rituals dedicated to the natural cause of primal instinct. The reason why this band excels is that they do not pigeonhole themselves with textbook goth. Even after bands like Type O Negative and Paradise Lost redefined the bat wings and make up, The Black Capes move on.

And even in this sense, there is more of a sunset strip glam construction to songs like “We Will Never Die.” We can finger point to the pounding rhythms and guitar chords stained by cigarette smoke, smeared lipstick and the hue of red wine toasting the guitar solo, howling into the night.

The Black Capes – Sarah The Witch Video

These moments make this album exciting if not, daring. Something like “Sarah The Witch” is so heavy and enticing that ecstaticism is an understatement. The gothic elements come from the pulsating bass and vocals. The hollowed voice dips into the depths of Peter Steele or a head cold. The way this band works together, they give off the illusion of being elevated by the carnal sins of the Whiskey or the Rainbow, if only the video for this song reflected this perception. The band is much more diverse than simply performing like mythical creatures with neon purple superpowers.

“Wolf Child” is mysterious foreplay. It sets up with “Purple Heart,” another heavy romper that puts things into overdrive. This is the natural course to an album that does nothing more than send your heartbeat racing. Mortality will never be the same.

Andrew Duncan
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