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Multi-faceted metal with Timeworn’s Venomous High

Timeworn on Selective Memory

Timeworn – Venomous High (Fysisk Format)

Is Timeworn’s Venomous High a tech metal album? Is it hardcore? Atmospheric? It is all of these things. The Norwegian band has done wonders to flawlessly incorporate multiple styles into their latest album and churn out a hefty release that never becomes overstretched or is overbearing.

You get more atmosphere with this release than in the past. From the opener, “Measure of Gold,” the guitars work to stretch things out into orchestrated territory. All of this before the band collides with colossal sludge rock. And then like a tsunami the ferocity of the rhythms, the vocals and the stress of the song veers off into gothic territory much like a lost Paradise Lost classic. And as a song like this moves in many different directions, the aim is still constant.

“Ur Syntax” blends death with noise rock building up apocalyptic growls and exploiting agony. Feel the gale forces of the guitarwork. When the band deviates into the bridge and over to Voivod-like guitar meanderings this is where the band shines. No matter where the band is at, there is so much weight the music becomes an afterthought to the heaviness of the mood.

“Traiters To The Crown” is as straightforward as this band gets, powering massive riffs and inhuman vocals much like A Perfect Murder’s work or the sonic energy of All Out War. It’s a great song to experience at face value and one of the better representations of this band.

You may not know exactly where each song will take you. Sometimes it’s a quick ambient interlude like on “The Trail.” Other times it’s an epic collision between the hardcore that influenced the band and the experimental rage they portray. Venoumous High is multi-dimensional in a best technical and natural way.

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