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Flint Eastwood Is The Queen of Her Broken Reality

Flint Eastwood on Selective Memory

Flint Eastwood Joins Irontom and We Are Forever to open for PVRIS at Old National, July 5

Jax Anderson is like a tiger ready to pounce. A childhood saturated by Spaghetti Westerns, she has grown up with the musical ability to channel a strength and identity in a world that simulates the Wild West. She fights her duels not with guns, but battled through emotions and won through confidence. Her songs are proclamations for those who simply want to be accepted in a society that is not so accepting of opportunity. In Flint Eastwood’s western, the underdog always wins.

In 2015, it was an amicable decision to forego her band and take an individualist approach, allowing her to further explore her ideas as a singer/songwriter.  The destiny is hers, and the result is Broke Reality, an EP released earlier this year. Songs like “Queen” and “Push” are her proclamations, incorporating the essence of life within the Detroit landscape into the fibers of pop and R&B.

Anderson has conquered the Detroit scene. Now she has planted an artistic flag on the rest of the world, including festivals like Bonaroo and Sasquatch. On tour with PVRIS, Anderson pushes her presence to let everyone know there is a new queen in town. This queen just so happens to wear a bright red wide-brimmed hat.

Flint Eastwood on Selective Memory

How are things going for Flint Eastwood this year? I saw photos of the Detroit show and it looked absolutely insane! Seemed like there was so much love for you and what you do.

Things have been been going great! I just released a new EP called Broke Royalty [released in April 2017] and had a huge celebration in a historic building in my hometown of Detroit. I love my city so incredibly much – such genuine people live there.

We always hear about music and the golden day of Detroit, what is it being a musician in Detroit today? Have you always lived in the city? What are some of your favorite aspects towards the culture of Detroit?

Being a musician in Detroit is great – there’s so much opportunity here to do what you truly love. What I love the most about Detroit is how accessible everything is. Everyone wants to be involved in what you’re doing as long as it’s passionate and genuine. Detroit kind of forces you to really evaluate what you truly stand for. It’s a great place to be an artist overall.

Flint Eastwood-Push feat. Tunde Olaniran

What made you want to become a singer? How do you feel like your voice as a singer/songwriter has developed over the years?

I wanted to become a singer because I want to be a positive force in the world and I feel the best way for me to do that is through writing & performing music.

Tell me more about the new EP? What differed from previous recordings and what was the mindset behind it? What are your favorite moments on the release?

Broke Reality centers around the idea of not letting lack of means stop you from creating your own kingdom. For this release I wanted to focus on the concept of owning up to who you are and having confidence in who you are and what you do. We toyed around with a lot of natural instrumentation for the first time, which was a lot of fun to do. We even recorded some harp which was a super surreal moment.

Tell me more about the red hat?

I’ve always had a fashion crush on Lee Van Cleef. I’ve gone through many colors and this time around red felt the most commanding for the project.

Detroit has always been a city to break boundaries and push creativity beyond traditional ideology. Do you feel like you are doing that with your music? How are you pushing your conception of independent music forward?

Detroit is unique in the sense that when an artist really pops off here, they basically create their own genre. The White Stripes, Motown, Techno, hell even Kid Rock all created their niches and made them somewhat legendary. Being surrounded by those sounds constantly definitely inspires me to want to create unique sounds.

I love the “Queen” video? Was that fun to make? It’s a great song and feels very meaningful at this point of time in society. Can you tell me more about the experience and song?

Thanks! I actually co-directed and edited this piece with my friend Nico Poalillo. Working in film for years before doing music full-time, this was my first full-blown FE music video. I wanted to showcase the power and might behind the track, which was written about being asked what it’s like being a woman in music for the first time. I responded by letting the writer know that I was no different than any one else – I was the boss, not a soldier working for someone else. The video reflects that might and grit I feel I possess.

Flint Eastwood – Queen

As an artist, what do you feel was the best advice given to you? What advice can you pass along to those experiencing the struggle of being musicians?

The best advice I ever received was to be humble, be honest, be open, and to work my ass off always.

Flint Eastwood on Selective Memory

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