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Close Look: Shotgun Sawyer’s You Got To Run Single

Shotgun Sawyer on Selective Memory

Shotgun Sawyer releases a powerhouse of a rock single. Dylan Jarman talks about the new song and the exciting things ahead for his band

Dylan Jarman is ready for a new start. A need to re-invent himself and his rock iconography, his band, Shotgun Sawyer, is taking new steps into the future of gritty West Coast rock. What Jarman is doing with his new single, “You Got To Run” is trying out all of the things he has in his wishlist and making them work.

The organic sound that builds on desperation makes Shotgun Sawyer’s sound more dangerous and authentic. Are they going to be your best friend, or are they going to completely snap? It’s a song most can relate to. We have all been on that brink of the edge. It’s in that quiver in Jarman’s voice. You feel it in your bones. One of the better rock bands you never heard of is Shotgun Sawyer. So get in the know.

I spoke with Jarman about the new song and what’s ahead for the band.

Shotgun Sawyer – You Got To Run

Tell me about this new single of Shotgun Sawyer? What was the mindset in making it?

I’ve been playing slide guitar more and more recently, mostly because I like the sound. The riff was actually written on a regular guitar, but I wanted more stuff on slide so we transcribed it. In terms of subject matter, “running away from my past” is a major theme in my life, and a lot of the music we’ve written together has that current running underneath. I think this song represents a “coming to full fruition” for that concept. Kind of like I’m getting it out once and for all and putting it to rest, you know?

“You Got To Run” sounds more like a live version. Tell me about the production of the song and its grittiness?

I’m really glad you are asking about the production! We recorded this song live in “studio” (the first time we’ve done that) and we recorded it to analog tape (again, a first for us). Cody Tarbell (the drummer from Slow Season) recorded us in the living room of his double-wide. Everything was recorded and mixed to analog. The track was only made digital as a necessity, post-production. Tape IS different – despite what haters say. And if I’m not mistaken, we only recorded one take of the instruments. After the instruments were done, I dubbed most of the vocals, but I think we only played it once.

You have gravitated more towards a Highway rock style and more power in the music than before. What is influencing your sound these days?

It’s interesting to hear you say that. I know for me, there hasn’t been a conscious change. “You Got To Run” represents a style I always wanted to play, but wasn’t able to? I always wanted Shotgun Sawyer to be the band that recorded that song: it represents us at the best – so far. Brett’s bass parts are KILLER, David’s drums are driving at first, and restrained later. We just want to play rock n’ roll, and I think this is our best effort so far.

How has West Coast culture influenced the band?

This is a funny question, because I think the answer is “it hasn’t?” When I think of the West Coast, I think of LA, SF, Sac, Portland, and Seattle, and Auburn is NOTHING like those places, and our music is very different to what those guys make. Auburn is an old mining community that never really stopped being that. The Gold Rush literally happened in Auburn. It’s the kind of town with 4 classic rock stations. We grew up on Allman Brothers and CCR, and that’s a big reason why we play what we play. The only “West” influence I can think of is “The Wild West,” because that’s where we live haha. I think I sent you an image of the 7″ cover art? That courthouse is in Auburn, and it pretty much sums up who we are haha

It’s a very conservative place, unfortunately a lot of Trumpers, but thankfully a lot of old dudes with vinyl collections to die for haha

Tell me about what is coming up with the band for the rest of 2017?

2017 will see us take a 2 week tour around North California and up towards Oregon and Washington in July, and then probably again in about October. We’ll also be recording a couple more tracks (to add to the 7 or 8 we have lying around) for a second album early next year!

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