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LeRiche Relives a Flood of Memories on new song

LeRiche on Selective Memory
Photo by Alessia Nole

River Runs

We are getting a little tired of the hurricanes, the mass flooding, and the devastation. Right now a Category 4 hurricane rips through Puerto Rico, resurfacing emotions and anxiety amongst the island’s residents that forces the world to watch and interpret scenarios with their personal perspective or experience. Le Riche’s timeliness for “River Runs,” his new single and teaser to the upcoming EP X-Dreamer, may be unintentional to our stream of ocean-bred disasters, but it plays through to the multi-faceted perspectives that is a battle of human emotions.

“During the writing process, I know we each had a different perspective for the direction the song was taking. For me this allows the song to wear “different hats”. It’s funny how you can write, or hear a song, and it can take on different meanings for you over time.”

For some, the song could be thematic to mother nature. For others, waves of emotion re-surface from the past. This is what Le Riche saw in his song.

“When you least expect to run into someone and then you realize the feelings or emotions you once shared have suddenly resurfaced. Be it an old friend, lover from a past life, or a familiar looking stranger, when your eyes meet again you are overcome with nostalgia and the memories playback like a movie in your head.”

LeRiche – River Runs

This may be Le Riche’s best song yet. “And the river runs deep,” has so much weight to that lyric that the chorus speaks volumes. Be it emotional or from a causality, his words ring in true pop fashion. There is a bounce in the rhythm that makes this song more melancholy in flavor.

That alone adheres to LeRiche’s songwriting theory. The past returns to reinforce an understanding of this particular aspect of life or moment of time. Yet, LeRiche opens to the proverbial door building awareness from within and sounding bigger than he has ever sounded. Quaint little touches build perspective to this controlled pop song. What we have in LeRiche’s exploration is not just excellent songwriting, but a catchy-as-hell composition that allows you to lose yourself in the beauty of pop perfection.

Andrew Duncan
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