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Double Ferrari’s National Anthem is So Metal

double ferrari on selective memory

“National Anthem” is Double Ferrari’s first single. New album out next month on Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Athens, Georgia, has spawned an eclectic niche in the metal marketplace through Double Ferrari. This instrumental quartet has taken the approach of preservation into account of pure guitar warrior frenzy. Out October 27 is their debut album, but they tease their musicianship with the single, “National Anthem.”

When I think about instrumental bands, they usually stem from the surf or indie genre. All of those quirky instrumental bands from the late ’90s, putting their spin on the angular. Sure we have had things like the traditional Maiden instrumental, for example. But for a band to pull out all the hooks and nix the vocals completely is a bold move. But “National Anthem” proves that it’s the big hooks that make the song.

When you get that feeling in your gut while listening to a song, you know. It’s not something you can fully explain. Double Ferrari utilizes the two-guitar harmonics to add strength to the militia of pure bread metal. Add big cymbal crashes and pure muscle in each beat to the bicep-flexed bass guitar and this song is colossal.

The interesting tidbit is not the song itself. It’s that you will be able to get this album on vinyl, compact disc, and, wait for it. . . Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge. Of course, you can download the digital from their Bandcamp page.

There is a purity to the song, a preservation of the spirit of late ’70s British metal. You may find subjectivism in a song like this, but overall, they have capitalized on the anthemic approach of heavy metal to fuse a sense of universalism in the triumph of the will. Of course, this is just one song, and I am skeptical that an entire album of instrumentals like this one will keep the momentum. October will hopefully prove me wrong. Either way, I anticipate the journey.

Andrew Duncan
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