Mrs. Piss on Selective Memory

Mrs. Piss—Self-Surgery

Mrs. Piss Self-Surgery Sargent House Links: Instagram | Sargent House If The Bacchae had a soundtrack, this would be it—powerful, frightening, ritualistic. Conjuring the chaos, Mrs. Piss’s debut album is an out-of-body experience of delusion and dirt, fueled by two prominent indie rockers. Teaming up with a background of punk, … Read More ›

The Grand Wheel on Selective Memory

Weird Sci-Fi: The Grand Wheel

Card shark nerd and mafia lizards, Bayley’s underdog hero for humanity Barrington J. Bayley was considered at the forefront of the New Wave of science fiction movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Alongside authors like Philip Jose Farmer, they looked for inspiration in the beat writers and especially William S. … Read More ›

Hala on Selective Memory

Hala Uses Red Herring to Go Beyond Genre

Hala Red Herring Cinematic Music Group Links: Official Site | Cinematic Music Group Although Detroit-based musician Ian Ruhala does not follow the strict confines of late 1970s/early 1980s AOR musicianship, his songwriting capabilities hold up with that sincere era as a singer/songwriter in the purest of senses. Yet beyond this … Read More ›