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Vanishing Point: Bad Suns Take Their Music Back on the Road

bad suns on selective memory

Bad Suns Will Play Deluxe at Old National Centre on March 4 Since the release of Disappear Here in September 2016, the Bad Suns unleashed a cross-country tour in support of the album. Fans sunk their teeth into every morsel. Photography often showcased the band’s creative mood and diligence to their

Cloud Catcher – Trails of Kozmik Dust (Totem Cat Records)

Cloud Catcher on Selective Memory

Denver's Cloud Catcher Returns with Trails of Kozmik Dust In the contingency of our society, there is a band who has defied the possibility that their impact is clear and evident. Cloud Catcher does just the opposite on Trails of Kozmik Dust. Deep in the constraints of rock and roll lies “Visions,” what

TenFiveSixty – You Say TenFiveSixty bring a sense of the unknown into their synth-heavy new song "You Say" TenFiveSixty has that sound you can feel close to. It’s something that we can wrap our arms around. These are songs we have all experienced. Driving into the night with the warm glow of dashboard lights. Staring

Jakuzi – Koca Bir Saçmalık

Jakuzi on Selective Memory Jakuzi channels the past on vhs-quality video I remember being a kid on a family vacation trip. Staying at some random hotel, late at night, somewhere between a cable channel and pure snow lied the cathode ray imprint of a porn channel. You tried so hard for it to come in

Lusine – Sensorimoto (Ghostly International)

Lusine in Selective Memory

Lusine returns with a deeper look at electronic to human symbolism in Sensorimoto It seems that Jeff McIlwain has dappled in most every form of electronic music that you can think of. The Seattle-based producer has contributed to labels from Mute to !K7, Asthmatic Kitty to Shitkatapult and beyond. Back in 2013,

Chances – Shine

Chances on Selective Memory Montreal's Chances releases first single, "Shine" Montreal’s Chances releases their first single, “Shine,” and it is a joyful celebration. A song that will build in momentum as you travel through it. This pop delicacy swirls around your head in formulaic splendor. Creatively spawned, the song spans a wide-open landscape of broad-based