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Ship To Shore Builds An Eclectic Vinyl Wonderland

Ship To Shore Phone Co. Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Hisayoshi Ogura's score to Taito's DARIUS with a vinyl release Taito was one of the leaders in innovative video gaming. From the game room to the home, the Japanese company were purveyors in creating timeless and now legendary games like Space

Adrian Underhill – Not Good Enough (Harrison Remix)

Adrian Underhill on Selective Memory

Toronto producer Harrison puts an upbeat charge to Adrian Underhill's creation Juno award winner and Toronto producer Harrison has put a glowing sparkle into the construction of Adrian Underhill's luscious vocal spin. The original is part of a debut that is planned to be released later on this year. I love the cover choice

Bochum Welt – April (!K7)

Bochum Welt on Selective Memory

Bochum Welt looks back at his earlier work to re-imagine his own music in April Since 1994, Gianluigi Di Costanzo, aka Bochum Welt has been staring down the Italian electronic music landscape with stark imagery of gorgeous ambient frameworks and picturesque soundtracks that glow like a mood ring. With April, he collects

Drew McDowall – Unnatural Channel (Part 2)

Drew McDowell on Selective Memory Drew McDowall (Coil/Psychic TV) releases solo follow-up on Dais Records We owe so much to Drew McDowall. His work as an electronic artist is unparalleled. His legacy  stems from his brilliant mind hiding in the shadow of what shaped the sounds of Coil and Psychic TV. His work with Psychic Ills' Tres

Blood Lines, Vol. 1 (Warpaint and Impossible Records)

Blood Lines, Vol. 1 introduces the best for bass enthusiasts from Warpaint and Impossible Records Warpaint Records and KJ Sawka's Impossible Records unite to form a full-on bass assault. The beauty of Blood Lines, Vol. 1 is that the two labels provide strength together. These songs are proof of that. KJ Sawka elaborates: "Together

Vacant Lots – Night Nurse Vacant Lots Releases new Album Endless Night April 21, celebrates with song "Night Nurse" Vacant Lots are the weirdos lurking in the night. They unleash a force that is as estranged from itself as it is engaging. It works in the way Laid Back floats suggestively on "White Horse." And with a new album