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Ship To Shore Builds An Eclectic Vinyl Wonderland

Ship To Shore Phone Co. Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Hisayoshi Ogura's score to Taito's DARIUS with a vinyl release Taito was one of the leaders in innovative video gaming. From the game room to the home, the Japanese company were purveyors in creating timeless and now legendary games like Space

Vanishing Point: Bad Suns Take Their Music Back on the Road

bad suns on selective memory

Bad Suns Will Play Deluxe at Old National Centre on March 4 Since the release of Disappear Here in September 2016, the Bad Suns unleashed a cross-country tour in support of the album. Fans sunk their teeth into every morsel. Photography often showcased the band’s creative mood and diligence to their

Ancient Sounds for the Future Modern, Pharaohs and Replicant Moods

Sam Cooper and Alejandro Cohen have been playing off of the Los Angeles underground since 2009. Influenced by the pioneers of electronic culture, the two shared an interest in sterile, neon-infused dance music that reverberates dance floor chic and transcends time. Diego Herrera (aka Suzanne Kraft) and Casey Butler (aka Stellar

Solar Maximum, A Conversation with Majeure

Listening to Majeure, it conjures up the wondrous ghosts of '70s ambient composers and '80s analog soundtracks. Lesser known as A.E. Paterra and more prominently known as one half the duo Zombi, Paterra has made a name for himself and his contributions to ambient analog culture, a sub genre that