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TenFiveSixty – You Say TenFiveSixty bring a sense of the unknown into their synth-heavy new song "You Say" TenFiveSixty has that sound you can feel close to. It’s something that we can wrap our arms around. These are songs we have all experienced. Driving into the night with the warm glow of dashboard lights. Staring

Lusine – Sensorimoto (Ghostly International)

Lusine in Selective Memory

Lusine returns with a deeper look at electronic to human symbolism in Sensorimoto It seems that Jeff McIlwain has dappled in most every form of electronic music that you can think of. The Seattle-based producer has contributed to labels from Mute to !K7, Asthmatic Kitty to Shitkatapult and beyond. Back in 2013,

Starbenders – Down & Out

starbenders on selective memory Starbenders grab on to the fabric of hard rock ecstasy with their new single Starbenders recently released their album Heavy Petting on Institution Records. The album was a mix of power rockers and moody hypnotic prowess. It’s a push back to ‘80s accentuation and the ideology that anything goes. As a post-thought

New Music by Saint Marilyn

Saint Marilyn teams with Eraas' Austin Conrad for remix of "Frustrate Me" Saint Marilyn’s “Frustrate Me” gets a remix by one-half of the group of ERAAS. The mix takes an out of focus view of the song that bled synthwave ecstasy out of their EP Shoshone. Conrad goes further by sampling

New Music by Tosca

"Export Import" takes Tosca back to their past to look forward Everyone should look back. It’s what keeps people’s drive in perspective. The roots, or foundation, is what gives us the baseline to progress. For a while now, Tosca has been trying hard to push their song into new territory, they