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Uniform Choice and its Everlasting Impact on the Punk Scene

Uniform Choice on Selective Memory

Uniform Choice Re-Releases "Screaming For Change" on Southern Lord Uniform Choice is one of straight edge hardcore’s most beloved bands. Next to Minor Threat and the East Coast hardcore scene in the ‘80s, Uniform Choice became the role model to the California landscape. They served as a monument to the many

Why Hemmingbirds’ “Lover, You’re Out There” Is Better than The Flaming Lips’ “In the Morning of the Magicians”

Chicago's Hemmingbirds just released a new EP titled Half A Second. The four song album explores the vastness of alternative jangle rock that sometimes feel like a commercial ("Stay") while other times explores the expanse of freedom as the title track shakes up a concoction of breezy vocals and power chord muscle. But it's the

The Color of Noise – A Film About the Artist Haze XXL and His Notorious Record Label Amphetamine Reptile Records (Rebellion Films/MVD Visual)

If you had any part in the ‘90s alternative music scene, Amphetamine Reptile Records was no stranger to your collection. Much like other label revolutionaries of the time (Sub Pop, Wax Trax!, Alternative Tentacles, Lookout!, Merge, and Touch and Go, to name a few), Amphetamine Reptile Records (or AmRep) was

Observations on Eno’s Ambient Series and a Remastered Laraaji Album

Airports—a means to get to somewhere. We wander through congested terminals without giving it second thought to the scientific reasoning and emotional derivatives that airports can provide. Streamlined shapes and sterile atmospheres unconsciously bring lives together disguised as simple motive. The art of defying gravity has become just another means

I Hate Alan Rickman!

I was 16 years old in 1988 when I got to see Die Hard. I loved Bruce Willis even though, at the time, I did not understand the attraction. I attribute this character fascination to his role in the TV series Moonlighting. Now, shamefully, I can also admit to going