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The Color of Noise – A Film About the Artist Haze XXL and His Notorious Record Label Amphetamine Reptile Records (Rebellion Films/MVD Visual)

If you had any part in the ‘90s alternative music scene, Amphetamine Reptile Records was no stranger to your collection. Much like other label revolutionaries of the time (Sub Pop, Wax Trax!, Alternative Tentacles, Lookout!, Merge, and Touch and Go, to name a few), Amphetamine Reptile Records (or AmRep) was

Devo – The Men Who Make the Music Plus Butch Devo & The Sundance Gig (MVD Visual)

Back in 1979, Devo released their first home video. I remember grabbing a VHS version of the film somewhere in the ‘80s, possibly as a bootleg. It is one of those videos that once you see it, you will never forget it (although I swore somewhere in the film, they

The Dark and Depraved: Florida Straits

I love a good ‘80s action film. I also love a good made-for-TV movie, and the ‘80s were saturated with rich television flicks sauced up by the glories of ‘80s pop culture. Florida Straits came out in 1987 for HBO and saw a video release date from Orion Video in

The Dark and Depraved: Films for the Halloween Season – Blood Shack

One of my favorite exploitation directors is Ray Dennis Steckler. He was able to do so much with so little and build an exhuberant character out of his films. From his horror films to his comedies, they were all so charismatic. He had a keen eye on focus and his surroundings

The Dark and Depraved: Films for the Halloween Season – Monster A Go-Go!

Herschell Gordon Lewis! The godfather of gore! Goddamnit did I love me some Herschell Gordon Lewis when I was younger. Still do! From the wild antics of Wizard of Gore to the Blast Off Girls or the evil delinquent behavior of Just For the Hell Of It, if you have seen a HGL film,

The Dark and Depraved: Movies for the Halloween Season: A Bay of Blood

Mario Bava knows how to pull every emotion out of your sick voyeur addiction to create a rollercoaster of a horror film that is genius and as exquisite in approach as to any Hammer film out there. A Bay of Blood is fucking depressing, which is the true horror of this film. We

The Dark and Depraved: Films for the Halloween Season – The Tingler Vincent Price— a legend that is simply unmatched. He is known for many characters, moods, and memorable performances. No one else could make you feel so sympathetic to a character, and on a whim, cower in fear over his madness. It’s why he was so good at the Edgar Allan

The Dark and Depraved: Films for the Halloween Season-Basket Case

A seedy motel down a dark New York City street. You can feel the New York grime adhere to your skin like the humidity of the Deep South. The smell of sewage and sweat permeates from this run-down dive. Hotel Broslin! A blood-red neon sign burns into the night sky with