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Friday Night Video: Electric Pyramid’s 1989 Electric Pyramid gives us a taste with new single and video for 1989. London's Electric Pyramid will release their debut single, "1989" on June 10. To be released on Transistor Project, the group is set for a European tour with Queen and Adam Lambert. Stemming from classic rock influences, the band bounces

Friday Night Video: New Music Video by Bird of Youth

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Bird of Youth release music video for "Sons & Daughters" A highly personal adventure that launches us into the sophomore release from Bird of Youth, "Sons & Daughters" is the new video from the upcoming album Get Off (KIAM Records), due out May 20. This video presents the struggles of the human

Friday Night Video: Dan Reed Network – Divided Veteran rock band the Dan Reed Network is back with their latest single to an upcoming album, Fight Another Day, due out June 3 on Frontiers Music Srl. A panoramic 360 degree view of the band in action, it's a fine display of the energy this band still professes. It's been 25

Friday Night Video: We Are Scientists – Buckle Everyone should experience a pie to the face once in their life, but the chaos that endures on We Are Scientists' latest video for "Buckle" goes above and beyond. We are familiar with We Are Scientist excellence for great pop rock, but "Buckle," off of their latest album Helter Skelter (100% Records)

Friday Night Video: Fog – Trying The struggle is real. On Fog's video for "Trying," the idea of struggle flows from the music feeling the tension between disconnect and anticipation to the video. Will he get his tie tied? You end up watching just for the conclusion. Or, in the Internet world, you can just skip

Friday Night Video: Floating Points – Kuiper Floating Points just released a live video for their new song "Kuiper." This serves as a teaser for those lucky enough to get the opportunity to experience the group on their upcoming North America tour. All of this is in preparation for the upcoming release of the Kuiper EP, due out on

Friday Night Video: APigeon – Polyday APigeon's surreal battle between space and time blur dimensions on her new video for "Polyday." The Montreal native make a universe of hallucinating ecstasy within the universe of light and sound that get explored within the song. Visual expert Patrick Rochon and Pierre Tremblay lead the team of visual eye

Friday Night Video: Zsonic – Intrusion Effect When I first saw Sonic Youth's "Tunic" video, I had an estrangement in emotion for the aesthetics that came into play. Luckily I watched enough Night Flight growing up weird is very much a compliment. And then to find out that video made it into the MOMA archives is a thrill. I