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Greywind – Afterthoughts (Spinefarm Records)

Greywind on Selective Memory

Afterthoughts proves Greywind are an attentive force Afterthoughts seems like an appropriate name for Greywind's new release, due out January 27 on Spinefarm. After spending some time focusing on touring and getting their sound and outreach to fans and potential fans, this album is the result of that experience. From the lush and historical

NAILS: Abandon All Life

There is extreme metal and then there is NAILS. Where most modern extremist simply try to get beyond extreme without imploding, NAILS carefully formulates their aggression with a sense of melodic accentuation. It does not mean this band pussyfoots around because Abandon All Life is purely brutal. Featuring Taylor Young of

Azure Emote: The Gravity of Impermanence

With this sophomore release from mad scientist Mike Hrubovcak (Monstrosity, Vile, Divine Rapture, Abraxas), he pulls out all the stops and turns The Gravity of Impermanence not just into a two-disc monstrosity, but also creates an army out of some of the biggest names in metal. Inviting musicians from bands like