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Multi-faceted metal with Timeworn’s Venomous High

Timeworn on Selective Memory

Timeworn - Venomous High (Fysisk Format) Is Timeworn’s Venomous High a tech metal album? Is it hardcore? Atmospheric? It is all of these things. The Norwegian band has done wonders to flawlessly incorporate multiple styles into their latest album and churn out a hefty release that never becomes overstretched or is

Greywind – Afterthoughts (Spinefarm Records)

Greywind on Selective Memory

Afterthoughts proves Greywind are an attentive force Afterthoughts seems like an appropriate name for Greywind's new release, due out January 27 on Spinefarm. After spending some time focusing on touring and getting their sound and outreach to fans and potential fans, this album is the result of that experience. From the lush and historical