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Darko – Hiraeth

Darko on Selective Memory Darko releases new single for upcoming album Darko releases Bonsai Mammoth, February 3 via Bird Attack Records in the United States, Lockjaw Records in the United Kingdom, and Torch Of Hope in Japan. Get ready for the roar because the group just released a video for “Hiraeth.” The video features the group in their raw

Uniform Choice and its Everlasting Impact on the Punk Scene

Uniform Choice on Selective Memory

Uniform Choice Re-Releases "Screaming For Change" on Southern Lord Uniform Choice is one of straight edge hardcore’s most beloved bands. Next to Minor Threat and the East Coast hardcore scene in the ‘80s, Uniform Choice became the role model to the California landscape. They served as a monument to the many

Graham MacRae: Dundrearies

Graham MacRae spins lyrics like they are tales from the factory. A working man’s lament, Dundrearies is a push forward in MacRae’s repertoire. The album (the third in his career) is more poised with songs that are an instant infatuation. “Daddy Don’t Mind” gains instant approval as MacRae’s deep voice echoes out

Stonecutters: Creatio Ex Nihil

Louisville’s Stonecutters is a surprising discovery! The band brings out an intensity that works on various levels and creates an album of almost extinct gutter punk, fueled with a glimmer of technical metal, and combined together to blast out one hell of a release. “Internal Diatribes” starts out with a baroque