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The Damned Celebrates 40 Years With Anniverary Tour

The Damned on Selective Memory

The Damned brings their 40th Anniversary Tour (Dahlia Presents) to Deluxe at Old National Centre on April 26 I will never forget the first time I heard it. Buh-da-da-da-buh-da-da-da-buh-da-buh-daa-buh-da. It’s the sound of energy and one of the most iconic intros to a punk song. It’s the first moment you realize your

Uniform Choice and its Everlasting Impact on the Punk Scene

Uniform Choice on Selective Memory

Uniform Choice Re-Releases "Screaming For Change" on Southern Lord Uniform Choice is one of straight edge hardcore’s most beloved bands. Next to Minor Threat and the East Coast hardcore scene in the ‘80s, Uniform Choice became the role model to the California landscape. They served as a monument to the many

A Snapshot of Time with Police Teeth

Police Teeth on Selective Memory

Police Teeth turns the Seattle sound into a fiery ball of energy You say, I wonder whatever happened to the Seattle sound? I couldn't get away from it in the '90s. And it still haunted my conscious with in-your-face bands like Murder City Devils. Well, I'm here to tell you Seattle