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A Snapshot of Time with Police Teeth

Police Teeth on Selective Memory

Police Teeth turns the Seattle sound into a fiery ball of energy You say, I wonder whatever happened to the Seattle sound? I couldn't get away from it in the '90s. And it still haunted my conscious with in-your-face bands like Murder City Devils. Well, I'm here to tell you Seattle

Santah has that Midwestern gaze on You’re Still A Lover

Santah on Selective Memory

Santah You're Still A Lover (Independent) Stanton McConell, you are such the crooner, aren’t you? Okay, maybe not a crooner in the traditional sense, but when I hear your voice seep in on the song “Springfield”—I assume about the Illinois town near where the band was conceived, all joining together with their mutual

Jerzey Street Band Looks to Classic Rock for their Debut Album

Jerzey Street Band Breaking Radio Silence (Independent) These lads from Manchester have a strong influence and love affair from bands across the Atlantic. On their debut album Breaking Radio Silence, you can hear faint impressions of Bruce Springsteen and even The Eagles in some tracks. It’s hard to tell if Jerzey Street Band

MI-GU Collects Tracks Together on Choose The Light

MI-GU on Selective Memory

.. MI-GU Choose The Light (Chimera Music) MI-GU is three albums in and unless you were paying close attention, you would never realize it. For this band, the parts are bigger than the sum. This duo, comprised of Yuko Araki (drums/vocals) and Hirotaka "Shimmy" Shimizu (guitars/producer), come from an eclectic array of independent groups: Cornelius,

Closer Look At Feldspar’s The Flat and Paper Sky

Feldspar on Selective Memory

Feldspar The Flat and Paper Sky, Volume 1 (Independent) Part one of a two-part release—both albums are to be released this autumm. Feldspar paints a lovely portrait of depth both in lyrical imagery and musical aptitude. A delight for any folk fan, Feldspar The Flat and Paper Sky, Volume I presents a descending look into