Helter Kelter Skelter on Selective Memory

Helen Kelter Skelter - Melter

Helen Kelter Skelter Melter Shaking Shanghai Records ★★★★ Helen Kelter Skelter serves a multi-dimensional psychedelic purpose. The cross-pollination between the apocalyptic war Charles Manson deemed as “Helter Skelter,” and political…Continue Reading →

Lake Jons on Selective Memory

Lake Jons - Self-Titled

Lake Jons Self-Titled Antifragil ★★★ Building on an identity since 2014 and the band’s inception, Lake Jons debut is a…

le riche on selective memory

Le Riche - River Runs

A look into Le Riche’s latest single, “River Runs” We are getting a little tired of the hurricanes, the mass…

Dead on TV on selective memory

Dead on TV - Creeper

Dead on TV Creeper Independent ★★★ Dead on TV’s Creeper was recommended to me, and upon digging through their Bandcamp page, I was instantly sold. This Chicago outfit has the…Continue Reading →

cafeine on selective memory

Cafeine - New Love

Cafeine New Love Independent ★★ Montreal’s Xavier Cafeine is a punk at heart. A love affair collecting music by the…