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My Evergreen Soul Presents indie-psych masterpiece Mind Escape

My Evergreen Soul on Selective Memory

Bay Area spacey/psych band My Evergreen Soul presents an amazing music phenomena that goes beyond fuzzy psych sonics Mind Escape burns through the contemplative coolness of Bay Area psych and West Coast space rock mentality. My Evergreen Soul looks at things different than most modern psych bands. Every twist and turn

Bochum Welt – April (!K7)

Bochum Welt on Selective Memory

Bochum Welt looks back at his earlier work to re-imagine his own music in April Since 1994, Gianluigi Di Costanzo, aka Bochum Welt has been staring down the Italian electronic music landscape with stark imagery of gorgeous ambient frameworks and picturesque soundtracks that glow like a mood ring. With April, he collects

Blood Lines, Vol. 1 (Warpaint and Impossible Records)

Blood Lines, Vol. 1 introduces the best for bass enthusiasts from Warpaint and Impossible Records Warpaint Records and KJ Sawka's Impossible Records unite to form a full-on bass assault. The beauty of Blood Lines, Vol. 1 is that the two labels provide strength together. These songs are proof of that. KJ Sawka elaborates: "Together

Arch Flash Debut Carbon Copy Streaming In Its Entirety Arc Flash Releases debut Carbon Copy tomorrow on High Dive Records Arc Flash has a debut release that will have you spinning. It is due out March 31 on High Dive Records and you can stream every morsel here. Carbon Copy is afloat with psych punk garage fuzz. In a complimenting way, what you have