cane swords on selective memory

Cane Swords - Temple Swords

Cane Swords Temple Swords Field Hymn Records ★★★★ Emitting what I would consider one of the most glorious album covers…

the jet age on selective memory

The Jet Age - Jukebox Memoir

The Jet Age Jukebox Memoir Sonic Boomerang Records ★★★★ Jukebox Memoir is a silent victory. The album may not set…

solander on selective memory

Solander - Monochromatic Memories

Solander Monochromatic Memories A Tenderversion Recordings ★★★★ Never in my wildest imagination could I have prepared for this. What I…

godhunter on selective memory

Godhunter - City of Dust

Godhunter City of Dust The Compound/Battleground Records ★★★ There is something about the desert that would make a person slightly crazy. Aso, there is something about Tucson’s politically conservative atmosphere…Continue Reading →