Callers on Selective Memory

Callers - Reviver

Callers Reviver (Partisan Records) At first listen, Reviver seems to be very jazzy and sultry. Callers provide enriched guitar licks and…

Mi-GU on Selective Memory

Mi-Gu - Choose The Light

MI-GU Choose The Light (Chimera Music) ★★★★ MI-GU is three albums in and unless you were paying close attention, you…

rubik on selective memory

Rubik - Dada Bandits (Album Review)

Rubik Dada Bandits Paper Tiger AV/Fullsteam Records ★★★ On their sophomore release, Rubik teeters on a stylistic ledge, sometimes making…

wand on selective memory

Wooden Wand - Hard Knox

Wooden Wand Hard Knox Ecstatic Peace ★★★ From the beginning of “Arriving,” James Toth cringingly wails, “Give me the haircut…