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Selective Memory Exclusive: Bloodthirsty Virgins – In The End

bloodthirsty virgins on selective memory

Bloodthirsty Virgins release video for "In The End" Still high from their recently well-received self-titled album on Scioto Records (our review can be found here), Bloodthirsty Virgins release the video for "In The End." The song is a mysterious sway to the dusty bottles of back bar mythos and six-string stand

Tullycraft, Still Happy After All Of These Years

In 1995, a little known band came out of nowhere and infected the Seattle music landscape with their glistening pop and charming songs. The Northwest quickly took noticed and these infectious songs became well sought out. Considered the forefathers of the twee movement, Tullycraft released Old Traditions, New Standards and City of

Pat Hull Lights a New Path with Upcoming Album

Pat Hull wears his heart on his sleeve. A cliche derivative to the singer/songwriter curricula, but with Pat Hull and his release of Light, it's proof that this musician is filled with a passion not often experienced from a listener's perspective. You can walk the walk but Hull has the drive.

Candlebox, 20 Years After

Currently supporting their 2012 album Love Stories & Other Musings, Candlebox will make a stop at The Vogue Theatre on February 5. Candlebox has had such a storied yet unconventional career thus far. Whether deliberate on their part or not, Candlebox was hoodwinked and thrust into the audacious grunge grind of the time.

Conscious Re-Invents Sound: The Music of Kriget

Kriget comes from another dimension via Stockholm, Sweden. This triage of corporeal tone shredders are turning music inside out and then re-constructing the rules into a new style that is fresh and exciting. Saxophonist Gustav Bendt, drummer Per Nordmark, and bassist Christoffer Roth will eat into your brain with their intense

An Introduction to the Woollen Kits

With nothing but American media to aid me, I’ve learned Australia has a reputation built on unfortunate misconceptions. Melbourne, Australia’s Woollen Kits as a band unfairly fits that stereotype only because due to my glaring ignorance, they were nothing that I expected. The vigorous three-piece have a prolific sound, blending