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Astra the 22’s – Paris Love

astra the 22's on selective memory Astra the 22's releases "Paris Love," the title track to a new EP out this summer Latvia born-Brooklyn raised duo, Astra the 22's give the appearance they can produce a sleazy and downright dirty time bomb. But with "Paris Love," they showcase an intelligence to the darkness of the night. It

The Wooden Sky – Swimming in Strange Waters (Nevado Records)

The Wooden Sky releases Swimming in Strang Waters April 7 on Nevado Music There is a song on Swimming in Strange Waters that best encapsulates The Wooden Sky and their current direction as a group. “Baby we were born to die,” echoes voices down the dusty road to eternity. From the song,

SOFTSPOT – Clearing (Arrowhawk)

softspot on selective memory

SOFTSPOT releases magnificent new album Clearing, April 7 on Arrowhawk SOFTSPOT not only returns with a dashing new release but they do so a four piece. Clearing moves like a painting—mysterious and alluring. The album pulsates with electronic geology, formulating a world of mystique. Sarah Kinlaw and Bryan Keller Jr., formed SOFTSPOT in

Righteous Hillbillies – Two Wheels Down A Lost Highway (Self-Released)

Righteous Hillbillies on Selective Memory

Righteous Hillbillies tap the Muscle Shoals sound on their third release The humidity the emits from Righteous Hillbillies’ Two Wheels Down A Lost Highway is an illusion. Their latest album is what Southern rock dreams are made of. And if you feel the same, you are not too far off the mark. However,

Thunder Dreamer – Capture

Thunder Dreamer on Selective Memory

Indiana’s Thunder Dreamer releases title track to upcoming album and performance in Indianapolis for Record Store Day Southern Indiana’s Thunder Dreamer encapsulates the beauty of hillside soundscapes in the title track to their upcoming album Capture, due out May 26, 2017 on 6131 Records. The group will make the trip up

Cloud Catcher – Trails of Kozmik Dust (Totem Cat Records)

Cloud Catcher on Selective Memory

Denver's Cloud Catcher Returns with Trails of Kozmik Dust In the contingency of our society, there is a band who has defied the possibility that their impact is clear and evident. Cloud Catcher does just the opposite on Trails of Kozmik Dust. Deep in the constraints of rock and roll lies “Visions,” what