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Rich Robinson – The Ceaseless Sight (The End Records)

Rich Robinson - The Ceaseless Sight

Rich Robinson, best known as the guitarist and co-founder of The Black Crowes with brother Chris, has finally released his long awaited third solo album. Since fans cannot garner new material due to the band’s continued hiatus, Rich Robinson’s The Ceaseless Sight will have to suffice. It’s unavoidable to not

Booze & Glory – As Bold As Brass (Sailor’s Grave Records)

Booze & Glory - As Bold As Brass (

Booze & Glory may be some of the best Oi! punk music you will listen to this decade. That may not be too difficult an icon to land being there has not been a dominant Oi! scene since the late ‘70s. But that’s where their hearts are, and you cannot

Atomic Bride – Electric Order (Independently Released)

  I cannot help that in my personal psyche, Bill Reiflin had a large part to do with the mystique that embodies Atomic Bride’s latest EP. Growing up to Reiflin’s magic, listening to these five songs acts like a trigger to something far grandiose than what possibly is presented in reality.