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Paradise 100 – The Lion King (100% Silk)

Often times the electronic universe has been plagued with childish and inane objects of desire. The ‘90s were incredibly bad at that. Design and function sometimes coincided to the candy coating techno sounds that were frothing out of the speakers, but there were times when the trousers did not fit

Les Level – House of Need (100% Silk)

When thinking in terms of mathematics, there is a certain process to mathematical equations that if you follow the steps that make up a formula, the answer turns out precise and correct. The same goes for electronic music. You either follow the formula for success that was designed for electronic

Octo Octa: Between Two Selves

Between Two Selves is a subdued approach to electronic bliss. Its music is caught in a flux between fiery exchanges on the dancefloor and soft ambient hues. I’m sure that Michael Bouldry-Morrison can turn up the sweat with his Deep House talents, but on Between Two Selves, he chooses not

Coyote Clean Up: 2 HOT 2 WAIT

Dualism finds us stuck in a flux between the physical and spiritual, both leaving us with limitations. With the physical, we may want to run faster or jump higher. We complain there are not enough hours in the day. Spiritually, we are left to the constraints of our own mind