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Teen Mom Rocks Mean Tom in the Upside Down

The opening guitar strums to the last furious licks of streaming reverb. This album is soulful and heartfelt from beginning to end. This trio from Washington DC call themselves a little rock band that puts out fuzzy-pop love ballads and from the songs of their first EP Mean Tom they are

Rone – Tohu Bohu (InFiné)

Rone takes a different approach with this album and a groundwork for the future of electronic music Finally, an album by an acclaimed French electronic musician that does not sound so distinctly, well …. French. We have all experienced the piggy back of the Daft Punk generation and second tier DJs

Devil To Pay with Goliathon and No Coast

Venue: Radio Radio, Fountain Square Another chilly night in December for Indianapolis but you would have never known when you entered the bustling Fountain Square area. Not sure the occasion but men and scantily clad women dressed as Santa Clause, happily paraded around the normally tranquil fountain and cut in-between cars

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

Venue: The Vogue Theatre, Broad Ripple Between the chain restaurants, bass from club music echoing down Broad Ripple Avenue or frohawk douchebags wearing sunglasses at night; it is getting seriously depressing around here these days. On this frigid Indianapolis night, The Vogue (and its signature radiant marquee) sadly serves as the

An Introduction to the Woollen Kits

With nothing but American media to aid me, I’ve learned Australia has a reputation built on unfortunate misconceptions. Melbourne, Australia’s Woollen Kits as a band unfairly fits that stereotype only because due to my glaring ignorance, they were nothing that I expected. The vigorous three-piece have a prolific sound, blending

Vitalic – Rave Age ([PIAS] America Records)

Rave Age is the latest album from French producer Vitalic and it transports the listener back to the golden days of techno while still remaining originally new and hip. In an age where electronic music consists of the thump, thump, woob, woob of Dubstep, it’s nice to hear a pure techno/house album

Clinic – Free Reign (Domino)

With Free Reign, you can expect a wallop with a heavy does of space-age freak out. It has become custom that on every even year since 2000, you can expect Clinic to come out with new tunes that seem to extrapolate and warp the conventionalism of their previous album. And the Liverpool band

John Cale Releases Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood on Double Six Records

The dense nightmare of sound that John Cale has created for Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood is surprisingly accessible. The dense nightmare of sound that John Cale has created for Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood is surprisingly accessible. In the depths of the mechanical, occasionally jarring compositions, one can find melodies that would not

Stumbleine Releases Spiderwebbed on Monotreme Records

Each song has a GQ atmosphere to them. Highly sophisticated, fragile in their own sense and post-modern sterile in production, there is something equally intriguing and frightening to these songs. Every so often a dream pop album comes along that will attract your attention and make you realize, once again, why

Neurosis – Honor Found in Decay (Neurot Recordings)

neurosis honor selective memory

Neurosis Honor Found In Decay lacks the backdrop for droning dissonance Have you ever had a friend that recommends a band for years upon years but for whatever reason you just never take initiative to look them up? Neurosis is that band to me. Always heard of them but never officially