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Bastian Void – Fluorescent Bells (Field Hymns)

Bastian Void analog synth selective memory

Bastian Void is an analog synth fans futuristic dream Fluorescent Bells is the perfect sound for a cassette affair. One half charming and the other naturalist intriguing, both go hand in hand when listening to Bastian Void. It's like being transfixed into the minds of our own universe. An analog thought

Fontanelle Releases Vitamin F on Southern Lord

Fontanelle on Selective Memory

Fontanelle brings a state of mind to their latest album Vitamin F on Southern Lord You can almost feel the thick haze of smoke. The time signature entraps us until we break the shackles of conventionalism, and we become then become the victims of a genre. An out of body experience.

The Broderick and White Rabbits Live at Radio Radio

White Rabbits in Concert on Selective Memory

Venue: Radio Radio, Fountain Square A night that was distinctly autumnal in the Circle City, the streets linking Fountain Square together had a meditative calm on the outside while on the inside of its restaurants and bars, it was something different. For Radio Radio, two bands geographically different yet communally powerful came

The End Presents Paradise Lost Reissues

Paradise Lost on Selective Memory

Paradise Lost made albums that historically matter to the context of metal and The End reissues do these albums justice Re-Issues Released: Shades Of God Icon Draconian Times One Second Reflection Evolve  "Your talk is always contradiction." You will find not a more punctual line from a Paradise Lost song. It also comes from one of the most pertinent Paradise

The Callers – Reviver (Partisan Records)

Callers on Selective Memory

Callers blends a sense of chaos and deeply beautiful songs in Reviver At first listen, Reviver seems to be a very jazzy and sultry. Callers provide enriched guitar licks and mysterious vocals. The splash track gives off an eclectic feel of discombobulating notes. That is until the pure vocals of Sara Lucas

Bastard of the Skies – Tarnation (Future Noise Records)

Bastard of the skies on selective memory

Bastard of the Skies release the mountainous Tarnation via Southern Lord and it is like a wild fire out of control On their new album Tarnation, Bastard of the Skies are burning through the musical landscape like an out-of-control wildfire, scorching and leaving barren everything in their path. To be honest,

A Snapshot of Time with Police Teeth

Police Teeth on Selective Memory

Police Teeth turns the Seattle sound into a fiery ball of energy You say, I wonder whatever happened to the Seattle sound? I couldn't get away from it in the '90s. And it still haunted my conscious with in-your-face bands like Murder City Devils. Well, I'm here to tell you Seattle