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Voyag3r: Victory in the Battle Chamber

I am not one to pay attention to singles. My thought pattern is still embedded in the full length experience. It takes a lot for me to fully back a two song release, and the main criteria is that both songs have to be of excellent quality so much that

Graham MacRae: Dundrearies

Graham MacRae spins lyrics like they are tales from the factory. A working man’s lament, Dundrearies is a push forward in MacRae’s repertoire. The album (the third in his career) is more poised with songs that are an instant infatuation. “Daddy Don’t Mind” gains instant approval as MacRae’s deep voice echoes out

Clutch Live (The Vogue, May 19, 2013)

[Photo by Brad Flynn.] Clutch’s arrival to Indianapolis is now an anticipated yearly event. I have been going steadily, except one regretful sold out year. At one time, five minutes before the show, you could walk right up to the Vogue Theatre and buy a ticket. Now? They all evaporate before

Stonecutters: Creatio Ex Nihil

Louisville’s Stonecutters is a surprising discovery! The band brings out an intensity that works on various levels and creates an album of almost extinct gutter punk, fueled with a glimmer of technical metal, and combined together to blast out one hell of a release. “Internal Diatribes” starts out with a baroque

Coke Weed: Back To Soft

  There have been many awful bands out there who have used blatant drug references—Stoley PT comes to mind with kitties and bongs adorning their album cover. But every so often there is a band who uses a blatant drug reference and comes up with a concept that surprises you with

Cremator – Destination Boulevard

Cremator is a band you may not know about, but a band you certainly should get to know. Matt Thompson is the brainchild behind the synth-fueled epic songs that in turn is an incredible and fascinating homage to the foundational work of the '70s analog movement, as well as cool

Moon King: Obsession II

Fast and furious is the only real way I can describe the new EP from Moon King. Obsession II is a gut check of high caliber distortion over rhythmic beats with stellar vocals complimenting chiming keyboards throughout the album. The duo consisting of Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde and have

Victory: Victory is Music

The first track on Victory is Music may sound vaguely familiar and it will have nothing to do with the track’s pseudo Black Keys signature chord structure. “Bad Man”, with the opening punchy fuzz guitar riff flooding each chorus, is undoubtedly infectious. It has been prominently featured on the new

Anagnorisis: Beyond All Light

Like the air getting sucked out from under your breath, Anagnorisis returns with the fury you could only expect from a Gothenburg black metal band. Only this band is—if you don’t already know—not from Sweden but Kentucky and the roar these guys make is mere tornadic activity from the Midwest. In

Pulshar: Different Drum

I don’t know if it’s because I am sleep deprived or that the way my mind perceive things are skewed by the presence of knowledge and imagery shooting through my head at light speed. Whatever it may be Pulshar’s latest EP Different Drum is the wrench in the cog. The