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Foxygen – …And Star Power (JagJaguwar)

Foxygen, And Star Power, Selective Memory

By now everyone and your mom has heard of Foxygen. From the moment We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic hit people’s earholes it was a mass love affair. The band went full steam ahead and by full steam I mean breaking the sound barrier. Name a

Conrad Wedde – Space World (Field Hymns)

Conrad Wedde, Spaceworld, Field Hymns, Selective Memory

With nanotechnology, technological singularity, and super artificial intelligence being discussed in daunting measures, it’s hard not to conceptualize a future world without extreme ideas. But for Conrad Wedde and his Space World composition, Wedde has a more delicate viewpoint to the balance of science fiction ideals.   Links: Bandcamp Facebook Twitter Recorded in a tiny room

The Ropes – Sadness is a Rich Man’s Drug (Self-Released)

Sadness is a Rich Man's Drug, selective memory

New York’s The Ropes has developed a nice resume of music that encapsulates a nice array of powerful pop and hypnotic electronics. They recently got the attention of Tricky for him to sample their track “Love Is A Chain Store,” off of a release of the same name. Links: Official Site Facebook Sadness Is

Fox and the Law – Stoned to Death (Self Released)

the fox and the law, stoned to death, selective memory

Seattle is a landscape that is fertile in its annual harvest of quality musical acts. Whether it be the legends Jimi Hendrix and Heart or more recent grunge gods Nirvana and Soundgarden - even today the scene is just as competitive as it is still doused in untapped talent. You

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – ZimZamZim (Self Released)

the crazy world of arthur brown, zim zam aim, selective memory

It seems that once every 10 years or so, Arthur Brown comes out of the woodwork and releases one spectacle of an album. He’s like the cicada of the psychedelic scene. Brown first jumped on the English psych scene in 1968, not resurfacing until 20 years later with Strangelands. Then 12

Lady Low – Baby Baby/When I Do Wrong (Independent)

Lady Low - Baby Baby, When I Do Wrong, Selective Memory

When you get the sweet tenor of Jimmy Sweet matched up with the hovering vocals of Samy Jo, you have a firm foundation of gorgeous pop escapism. “Baby Baby” makes you think you are capturing something from the early ‘60s pop scene, but the way it is produced does not

Wormwood – Wormwood (Magic Bullet Records)

I thought this band has been around for years. In fact, I swore I heard them before. Strange enough, I have not and this is the debut EP from the Boston sledgehammers. There is certainly a familiarity to the album, funnelled by Godflesh-like rhythmic industrial power and sludge-heavy pit crushers. Link:

Also – EP01 (R and S Records)

I remember when I first got my taste of Plastikman and the acid house movement. It was like opening up my consciousness into new realms. I immediately got that same feeling when I put on Also’s EP01. Links: Facebook Twitter Only three songs this band churns out, but each song is so fresh with