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Gypsy Mamba – De Feenux (Alpha Pup)

From the first notes of Da Feenux, I know this is an album that will be right up my intergalactic alley. Bright rays of light emit from this as a neon sky hovers over a gorgeous electronic array of rich house beats, subtle trap and minimalist energy. You listen to

Watercolor Ghosts – Watercolor Ghosts (Self-Released)

watercolor ghosts, selective memory

For an album that is self released, the production quality on Watercolour Ghosts’ self-titled album is stunning. It could also be that this Perth, Australia band touts members who also spent time in bands like Vespers Descent, Chaos Divine, Noctic, Ur Draugr, and Deadspace. These guys know what they are

The Gods Themselves – Pink Noise (Self Released)

Remember Steve Fisk and the bands who he touched that turned to gold? Nirvana. Soundgarden. Low. The Posies. Well Seattle’s The Gods Themselves enlisted Fisk to work on Pink Noise and they are all the better for it. Fisk is able to bring out all of the positive elements of

younghusband – Dissolver (ATP Recordings)

What I was expecting to be one thing, Younghusband turned Dissolver into something unexpected. This quartet makes modest glitter pop that turns bubblegum into an intersteller night light shining on an experience.   Links: Bandcamp Facebook Twitter A lot like The Orange Peels and Regia with gentle vocals that carefully lay aside of glorious guitar jangle

Like Moths To Flames – The Dying Things We Live For (Rise Records)

like moths to flames, selective memory

Like Moths To Flames returns with their third release. Fans of the band will appreciate its characteristic intensity. Their album single is a quick way to dive into this record and really get to know what The Dying Things We Live For is all about. Links: Facebook Twitter The second song on the album,

Cheatahs – Mythologies (Wichita Recordings)

cheatahs, mythologies, selective memory

The second album to the Cheatahs discography comes to us like a spectacle; a glistening musical orb that sucks us into an internal vibrancy of philosophical splendor. What Mythologies does is much like the concept of the Classic Western. Their writing is as much cosmic as it is believable. It

Bismuth – Unavailing (Box Records)

bismuth, unavailing, selective memory

There are crushing riffs embedded by the constructs of doom metal and then there is Bismuth. Unavailing may contain the most crushing slow-motion seismic metal riffs I have heard yet. They have taken the concept of slow, deep, and hard to heart and made that philosophy hyper-sensitive to their plight.   Links: Bandcamp Facebook A

Steve Hauschildt – Where All Is Fled (kranky)

His round of new material since 2012’s Sequiter, it’s good to see Hauschildt’s bravado when it comes to ambient interpretation because with Where All Is Fled, Hauschildt breaks from convention and strips away conceptual beat. Instead, this album is fueled by interpretation of surrealist landscape paintings, early alchemical emblems, and

Bird – Figments of our Imagination (Independent)

This London-based multi-instrumentalist has incorporated a plethora of stylistic genres to create an androgynous electro-pop album that is strangely hard to look away. The album sometimes tends to sound a little on the Industrial side while other times you get flashbacks of New Wave, ‘90s Brit-Pop, and foresights into Urban