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Hobart W. Fink – Post Hummus EP (Weiner Records)

Hobart W Fink, Post Hummus, Selective Memory

At first I was pissed off that this EP was only three songs. What could three measly songs do for us? This is ridiculous! And then I listened to them. And these three songs came at me like a bunch of horny, spice-raged teenagers with rabies trying to eat your

Michael Rault – Living Daylight (Burger Records)

I cannot help but cite Sloan as being a catalyst for Canadian rockers to look towards classicism in rock and roll in order to preserve the sanctity of the genre. Michael Rault may not put a clear polish on every hook and phrase, melody and power pop harmony, as well

Crown Larks – Blood Dancer (Space Lung/Land Breathing/Dead Tapes)

What a fine debut from Chicago’s Crown Larks! They take elements of what makes Chicago music Chicago and explores the depths at which they can present it. Composed of songwriters Jack Bouboushian and Lorraine Bailey, drummer Bill Miller, and multi-instrumentalist Chris Boonenberg, their varied talents look to Deerhoof as easily

Antigama – The Insolent (Selfmadegod Records)

antigama, the insolent, selective memory

The first seconds of The Insolent is the most important. There is no build-ups, no introductions or no beating around the bush, the agonizing scream that starts the album is brutal. It’s not too long. It’s not too short. It’s a statement maker, and one that you will not forget. Link:

William Alexander – Strangest Things (Yellow K Records)

william alexander, strangest things, selective memory

There is an interesting parallel that is going on in William Alexander’s world. On Strangest Things he mystically merges together a vintage style of early ‘60s pop with a more modern dream pop element glued together by soft-tinges of psych-pop creating a feeling that this is not someone who is simply

Velcro Mary – Leave A Light On (M8BR)

velcro mary, selective memory

Jason Erb has done it all, at least for this album. The one man band, Velcro Mary, has tackled this project from every perspective and what Leave A Light On does is give us a taste for the feeling of nostalgia and a solemn walk through heartfelt ‘90s alternative gaze

neump – Bug of June (AYM)

neumb, selective memory

For an EP, newcomer neump’s Bug of June is a subtle giant; a sedate dancefloor exploration of deep space meets the inner void of neuron four on the floors. At first the title track means nothing. Not really experimentation and not so much serving the purpose of being an introduction,