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Justin Walter (Unseen Forces) kranky

Justin Walter on Selective Memory

Justin Walter breathes a new life in the EVI on kranky's Unseen Forces The EVI, or, The Electronic Valve Instrument, was developed in the ‘70s (1972 to be concise) as a perspective of the electronic music movement. A wind instrument that could control the effects of a synthesizer, it was used

Ian William Craig – Meaning Turns To Whispers (Aguirre Records) 

Ian William Craig Turns Neo-Classicism Into An Ambient Black Hole   Ian William Craig returns with an ambient album that is more mysterious than it is mystifying but as beautiful as it is elegant and it all warps into a one core of estrangement in sound. Meaning Turns To Whispers (Aguirre Records) continues on

Music Review: Kris Davis – Bleak/Empathy (Young Alaska)

Two concepts being explored by Kris Davis is the thought behind the ideas of bleakness and then the human emotive of empathy. Even though these two words seem to present themselves in negative connotations, it’s Davis who makes the ideas comforting in the reasoning that these things, among other internal emotions,

Review: Chris Hunt – Tomb (Psych Army Intergalactic)

chris hunt, tomb

Maybe it’s because I have been listening to too much Synthwave and Majeure lately, but Tomb is not what I expected. With Chris Hunt’s participation in Cloudeater, the progression I predicted seemed to lean more towards a more solemn approach. But this is not the case. Link: Bandcamp Tomb is an ominous

Observations on Eno’s Ambient Series and a Remastered Laraaji Album

Airports—a means to get to somewhere. We wander through congested terminals without giving it second thought to the scientific reasoning and emotional derivatives that airports can provide. Streamlined shapes and sterile atmospheres unconsciously bring lives together disguised as simple motive. The art of defying gravity has become just another means

Ambient Sighting – Decoding the sounds of IIOII

||O|| (Selective Memory,

Santiago, Chile,  a city surrounded by nature. Atuned to the ebb and flow of the mountains, the Andes cradle the city like a blanket and watch over the people beneath. Within the chaos of city life is a deep serenity that emanates from technology and flows with the sounds of