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Behind the Scenes with Catalytic

It’s a dreary yet relatively warm Saturday. Summer is losing its battle to autumn, and we were immersed in one of those days where anything goes. It seemed appropriate to take a road trip. Through the city, to the northeast side, down a side road and through vintage office parks lies

Catalytic: Dreaming of Memories- A Perspective

As we were wrapping up the height of our summer, Catalytic was really starting to gain ground after some slight delays that would cause a major roadblock in many bands. But it did not phase this Indy band. Early in the year, their bass player left as they kept booking and

Metal Mayhem: A Closer Look into the World of Catalytic

dustin chavez, catalytic, selective memory

Since the addition of Derek Ware on bass and drummer Jeremy McCombs, Catalytic has been a steam engine sweating power and devotion through countless practice sessions and weekly gigs throughout the city. And no matter if they are amongst their peers, their fans, or themselves, they pour 110% into the

Catalytic Takes Over Selective Memory!

As we rush in the Autumn of 2015, Selective Memory is having the guys in Indianapolis metal band Catalytic take over our website. Look forward to the next three weeks of videos, music, words, and all kinds of shenanigans. But for now, get ready and learn more about this amazing

Song Premiere: Catalytic’s “Dreaming of Memories”

catalytic, dreaming of memories, selective memory

It is no surprise how much we love Catalytic. Their hyper speed rhythmic pulses, the intensity in their words, the power in their spitfire guitar changes. Both on stage and off, this band breaks boundaries. So when we got word of a brand new Catalytic song, we jumped at the