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Dunsmuir-Dunsmuir (Hall Of Records)


Dunsmuir builds a powerhouse of metal muscle with members of Clutch, Black Sabbath, Fu Manhu and The Company Band If you could build the super group of super groups, who would be in it? Dunsmuir, with their new self titled album, comes pretty damn close to being the best project I

Clutch Live (The Vogue, May 19, 2013)

[Photo by Brad Flynn.] Clutch’s arrival to Indianapolis is now an anticipated yearly event. I have been going steadily, except one regretful sold out year. At one time, five minutes before the show, you could walk right up to the Vogue Theatre and buy a ticket. Now? They all evaporate before

Clutch – Earth Rockers

Words by Cody Jones. Photos by Brad Flynn. If you haven’t heard of Clutch yet, please turn off your radio and prepare to be enlightened. It’s no secret that Clutch are journeymen and one of the hardest working acts, year in and year out. Though after four years since the introduction