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Death – Cease Fire

Death on Selective Memory Death releases "Cease Fire" 45 on vinyl and digitally through TryAngle Records Yesterday (April 10), Detroit's Death released a new single. "Cease Fire" is one half of a new 45 by the band. "You Are What You Think" makes up the other side from the album N.E.W. This new single is available on

Thrawsunblat – Metachthonia (Ignifera Records/Broken Limbs)

Thrawsunblat, Metachthonia

It's the End of the World with Thrawsunblat Often when we get this level of dark arts, they tend to lean toward the levels of adventure and fantasy through forelorn lands of the imagination; i.e., everything Dungeons and Dragons with a massive symphonic tilt. And even though Metachthonia, out on Ignifera Records/Broken

Anthesis/Greber – Split 7″ (Ancient Temple Recordings)

All Hail Ancient Temple Recordings! Only a few months old, the metal world can rejoice and welcome the arrival of Ancient Temple Recordings, a label from New Brunswick, Canada. To kick things off, they released their inaugural album pairing up extreme metallers Greber with the apocalyptic Anthesis. And for a first release,

Death – N.E.W. (Drag City)

death, n.e.w., selective memory

To start this review with the obvious, the ‘70s turned Detroit into a musical hotbed of all things innovative. Motown, garage rock, punk, some of the more amazing music was being conceived, setting up the foundations for what we accept today. But before Bad Brains, before the New York Dolls, before

Azure Emote: The Gravity of Impermanence

With this sophomore release from mad scientist Mike Hrubovcak (Monstrosity, Vile, Divine Rapture, Abraxas), he pulls out all the stops and turns The Gravity of Impermanence not just into a two-disc monstrosity, but also creates an army out of some of the biggest names in metal. Inviting musicians from bands like