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Death – N.E.W. (Drag City)

death, n.e.w., selective memory

To start this review with the obvious, the ‘70s turned Detroit into a musical hotbed of all things innovative. Motown, garage rock, punk, some of the more amazing music was being conceived, setting up the foundations for what we accept today. But before Bad Brains, before the New York Dolls, before

Turning Inanimate Matter into the Animate World of Wand

Wand is the instrument that becomes the catalyst for the magic that its power presents. The Los Angeles band adheres to the ideology behind this concept of the name's device. Sometimes magical, sometimes mystical, but always mysterious, this band has concocted albums that will stream through your consciousness and out into

Six Organs of Admittance – Hexadic (Drag City)

six organs of admittance, hexadic, selective memory

If Hexadic is any indication of how Ben Chasny’s mind works then you are in for an intense ride, exploring the dense catacomb of aural senses through well-contemplated yet seemingly sporadic works of art. Chasney’s way of altering reality through tonal qualities and avant-impressionistic directives. Links: Official Site Twitter Out with the old and

Sir Richard Bishop – Tangier Sessions (Drag City)

Sir Richard Bishop, Selective Memory

Sir Richard Bishop has given us hope for the classicist in all of us. Tangier Sessions builds mysticism in the way that film has done to places like Morocco, spinning an exotic angle to a sense of ancient fundamental history in the tones of time.   Links: Official Site Facebook Twitter When you listen to Tangier

Dan’l Boone – Self-Titled (Drag City)

Dan'l Boone (

A few years back I was flipping through radio channels and caught a piece on NPR talking about the schizophrenia machine. It’s this machine where you get into and the device replicates the sights and sounds of what a schizophrenic experiences. They played a clip of what this device sounds

Dead Rider – Chills on Glass (Drag City)

It’s actually over? That’s it. Did I just sit through an entire album? What felt like five minutes really was over 40. What I can conclude from this rift in time is that Chills On Glass is better than anything they have done before and clearly an album of the

Scout Niblett: It’s Up To Emma

I have to admit, I have not been very much a Scout Niblett fan since the beginning when I picked up a copy of Sweet Heart Fever on Secretely Canadian. A fan of the label, the album just did not resonate with me. Maybe it did not have enough grit