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Ink Jet – Cold Shoulder (Gohan Tapes)

Ink Jet Gives Us The Cold Shoulder Brooklyn’s Ink Jet returns with a new batch of delicacies in the form of Cold Shoulder. The album, released on cassette by Japan label Gohan Tapes and available on Bandcamp, takes us on a grand journey of quirky electronic break beats to translucent tempos

Friday Night Video: Fog – Trying The struggle is real. On Fog's video for "Trying," the idea of struggle flows from the music feeling the tension between disconnect and anticipation to the video. Will he get his tie tied? You end up watching just for the conclusion. Or, in the Internet world, you can just skip

Friday Night Video: Floating Points – Kuiper Floating Points just released a live video for their new song "Kuiper." This serves as a teaser for those lucky enough to get the opportunity to experience the group on their upcoming North America tour. All of this is in preparation for the upcoming release of the Kuiper EP, due out on

Friday Night Video: Zsonic – Intrusion Effect When I first saw Sonic Youth's "Tunic" video, I had an estrangement in emotion for the aesthetics that came into play. Luckily I watched enough Night Flight growing up weird is very much a compliment. And then to find out that video made it into the MOMA archives is a thrill. I

Music Review: Kris Davis – Bleak/Empathy (Young Alaska)

Two concepts being explored by Kris Davis is the thought behind the ideas of bleakness and then the human emotive of empathy. Even though these two words seem to present themselves in negative connotations, it’s Davis who makes the ideas comforting in the reasoning that these things, among other internal emotions,

Friday Night Video: Amotorski – Hear Me (Julia Holter Remix) We spend the day battling it out with ourselves and often feel the pull and pull tug of war that is life. This is what directors Tobi Jonson and Pommelien Koolen tried to visualize for Amatorski's remix of "Hear Me." They dissolve the concept: "The video . . . depicts the impaired

Music Review: Moderat – III (Mute/Monkeytown)

We finally reach an end to the trilogy that started back in 2009 with Moderat’s self-titled debut that transformed into II in 2013. III embeds a deeper sense of humanism into what may be the most expressive Moderat album to date. Moderate - Reminder Comprised of the German electronic team-up of Gernot Bronsert

New Music: Young Magic – Lucien I’m going to put this up front, “Lucien” is the best thing that Young Magic has conceived. Young Magic songs are generally great, but this song is tantalizing. From the first listen, it took my breath away. Where other songs have touched upon the ethnicity of singer Melati Melay’s hometown of

Review: Chris Hunt – Tomb (Psych Army Intergalactic)

chris hunt, tomb

Maybe it’s because I have been listening to too much Synthwave and Majeure lately, but Tomb is not what I expected. With Chris Hunt’s participation in Cloudeater, the progression I predicted seemed to lean more towards a more solemn approach. But this is not the case. Link: Bandcamp Tomb is an ominous